The Dating Dilemmas!

Tell me how familiar you are with the following scenario. A man had been single for quite a long time and meets someone. All of a sudden, he loves her more than anything humanely possible. That’s after the initial romantic phase fades away and she turns into a spawned bitch from hell….or so they say. It is quite an amazing and something close to magical experience meeting a girl and have an instant connection with her. Makes you feel good about yourself. But sometimes it’s too good to be true. The spark fades and then things do not always last.

So in this article I am here to tell you why you date more than one woman at a time and then eventually settle down with one. So, based on my friends’ experiences, here are two stories I want to share with you, my beautiful readers. I am going to use made up names so one is Bran and the other is Max.

Crowd of faces on discs, a woman being lifted out
Crowd of faces on discs, a woman being lifted out

“There’s something about Mary…that I don’t like”

Bran,25 and single, picking up pieces of his heart after a rough break up. I urged him to start meeting women online. So he met a woman named Mary, also 25, and she was an accountant. After their first date, Bran was confident it went well. So they went out 3-4 times and soon they were an item. Bran was positive about his new relationship and was quick to say he could see her in the near and no-so-far future with him. Everything was fine, she was treating him well and the sex was great. Soon enough, only 3 weeks into their romance, he saw a different side of her which was not so pleasing. Let’s just say she needed an anger management class. So after gettinf rid of her, he went back to the online dating site.

Let’s take note of Bran’s first mistake. He settled too fast for the first woman he met online. Sure things ended quick and saved a bigger heartbreak but caused a mini one. Had he been out with more than just the one woman, he would be able to dodge the little misery she caused him. Don’t settle and make your mind up for the first person you meet. Give it some time.

“Debbie does Dallas”

My other friend Max was seeing this girl named Deborah in Dallas. This girl, Debbie, was rather fun, out going and easy to get along with. She was pretty cool. Similar to Bran’s case, things started out the same way for Max and Debbie.

Little did he know, she had been sleeping around town and was real easy to get in her pants. He was pretty attached real quick and was a sorry sight after his break up. He really though she was “the one” and as part of his break up recovery, deleted his online dating account. Later he signed up again and made a new profile.

What do I suggest to avoid a heart break? Date more than one woman and don’t get too invested in the initial phase. Wait till you see her true side.

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